Storm Damage Response

City of Oaks responded to the storm the very day after with crews on the seen at the hard hit area of east Raleigh. We responded with chain saws to a home that had three fallen trees on the back of the roof. We were able to clear all the tree limbs and debris to place new tarps on the entire roof to prevent rain from further damaging the home.

We are responding to many residents of this same neighborhood to help them get by this stressful time. We are Roofing Contractors of Raleigh so please let us know if you or someone you know needs roofing repairs, roofing shingles, or entire roofing done. We can complete the job as soon as possible.

City of Oaks Home Inspections and General Contracting are here to help!

Brad Walker

Remodeling Project

Today we are finally able to move forward after meeting all the many setbacks and problems that have perplexed one of my projects. We are performing a remodel on on a historic house in Raleigh. We have restored the foundation framing and piers. As the saying goes you can count on one thing and one thing only when you begin a remodel on a house that is older than 50 years........Take your time cause it sure did to get your attention. Remodeling a Raleigh home is fun and challenging. We hope to move forward with the interior finishes tomorrow. Soon the project will like all others come to a completion - we are proud of this one and will look forward to riding by as the years roll by with our eye of the smaller details. Raleigh General Contractors
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Siding Replacement Job Completed Today

Finished replacing water damaged siding on a high three story house today.

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