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Started new Renovation in Topsail Beach, NC!

Placed my all important sign in the yard today!  It's somehow never official until you place your sign. Its a sign kind of day - Ha! 


Pre-Drywall Working on all the Rough In Inspections

Wow getting the subs in line for their work is hard work!  I have had a time with getting the right subs for me but also my clients as this area has been hit hard by the storm and well that means everyones very busy.  I did after very stressful circumstances retain the areas best to help with our project!


Insulation Completed!

Wow!  Insulation is done just needing final adjustments!  Drywall is around the corner!

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Exciting new Kitchen Design Approved by Owners!

WE are opening up the kitchen!  we removed a partition wall blocking the view from the homes heartbeat - the kitchen - so that you can see clear across the house!  This makes for an open and very social environment while also bringing the homes true size to view.  It will be a huuuuuge improvement!  Completion pictures sure to come!


Added Can Lights to the Kitchen and Don't Forget Under Cabinet Lighting!

Can lights are all the rage of course for some time now.  The new improvements are the use of LED technology that is new and exciting.  You can use smaller cans and produce more light.  More, you can choose from a wide array of color or temperature in the lighting you like.  From morning glows to bright daylights.  Its a much more even and defined light system that show cases any room they are placed in.  And of course there will be dimmers to complete.  Completion pictures to come!


This is Where I Will Build a Custom Banquet! Know what That Is? Stay Tuned!

I am excited to let you know we have agreed to place a custom banquet as a key feature of this home.  What's a Banquet or do I have to look it up in Webster's all important book of definitions?  Well this carrot stays in the grocery for now!  Ha!  Stay tuned!

Topsail Beach Project Is Really Shaping Up


Wow! Drywall Complete! Can You See Where All The Pictures Go?

What a difference it makes huh?  Drywall is both exciting for both the homeowner AND the contractor.  Why?  Well this is the official start of the rebuilding interior finishes and marks the official end of all inspections until the very end to gain the CO (Certificate of Occupancy).  In other words...…..I am in control - ha!


Now Where are the Beach Goers Today?

This is the lovely view from our project builds deck overlooking the ocean here at Topsail Beach!  Not a bad place to work right?  Good breezes too!


Max loves the Ocean!

Max is my builders companion as he goes on all my builds with me.  He is a year and half old and is very playful and the whole world is still a mystery to him.  today he went to the beach and started jumping the waves for the first time!  Go Max!

Topsail Beach Progress


Need a Great Dumpster Company in Topsail Beach?

I'd like to give a great BIG shout out to Tangerine Carting (Dumpster).  They are super easy and super responsive.  They had mistakenly set the cart on the wrong side of the driveway....I contacted Steve and he had it moved to just the right spot in the hour!   By the way Steve....its FULL!


Sunsets at Topsail Beach are Nice!

Hey what's not to like?  Evening after a hard days work on our Topsail Beach House and look at the reward.  Lifes Good!  Oh that might be copy righted...…..Lifes Good Tonight!  T-shirts to come!


Trim Finishes Make a Difference!

Completing the soffit underneath to protect the insulation but more importantly making it very cosmetically appealing!  The project is definitely making a turn towards the exciting finish line!  More to come!